Welcome! Really happy you found your way here and that you’re interested in getting to know me and my site Chumster a little bit better.

About Chumster

My name is Daniel Malley and I am the owner of Chumster.co.uk. I am a big promoter of small daily adjustments that will have a great impact on our planet with little to no effort being made. The only thing needed in order to turn the boat around and stop riding downstream is numbers. If one person makes a small change like walking to the store once a week instead of firing up the car it doesn’t make a huge impact. But, if one million people would do the same… That’s the power of numbers. We are all renting this place so why not leave it in better condition than when we got here. Technology and knowledge make it easy for us to just make small effortless changes that would greatly impact our lives.

Hence, Chumster, my place to spread the word about the world!

About me

Name: Daniel Malley

Born 1984 in the fantastic city of Liverpool in North West England. (Yes, soccer is the game and the team is Liverpool F.C.)

Working in a factory as an environment consultant and speaking at seminars across the United Kingdom.

Hobbies are animals, lifestyle management, and fitness.

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