London air-quality warning and pollution levels

This week warnings have been issued in London and parts of Scotland that the pollution level is higher than normal. Air quality will be very low starting on Thuesday and the Mayor of London has gone out with a warning.

Warnings will also be seen on signs at the bus stops, train stations, highways and more to turn off the motor when you stand still.

This is proof on the air quality in London

I will not only blame the Londoners for thir own pollution since I know that many of these small dangerous particles are flying in from over seas France and Germany. But this could have been avoided if air quality wasn’t already bad.

The Mayor of London is now trying to do a couple of things to help clean up the air and be on the right track as fast as possible but it’s probably way too slow.

So what should you do?

You should start to think about how you can pitch in even though nobody is forcing you, for now. There are multiple small ways you could contribute to better breathing air for us and our future children. Make sure to utilize one of the many other transportation alternatives available. I made a list a while ago on my favorite electric scooter vehicles which you should consider reading.

You can walk instead of taking the car, many times we take the car even if we’re just going less than 2 kilometers. A distance that could be covere just as fast or close to, if you were to walk there.

These are just a few of the things you can do. And when you start thinking more and more about it you will open a new door which will lead to these decisions being made on auto-pilot.


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